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Rock-Solid Service for Metal Stamping, Precision Machining & Value Added Assembly Established in 1946


Stone City has been delivering precision machining, metal stamping, metal fabrication, value added assembly and more to a wide variety of industries for over 60 years. Located in Bedford, Indiana, Stone City began as a small company serving local manufacturing businesses. Today, we are a $22 million business serving customers throughout the United States, and internationally in Mexico, Europe and Asia.


For many customers, Stone City serves as a manufacturing partner, collaborating with engineers starting in the early design stages to help ensure components are optimized to deliver operational efficiencies and high performance, at a competitive cost. Our well-equipped production facilities enable us to deliver products ranging from large-scale metal components to intricate assemblies. And while our core product lines include automotive stampings, HVAC system components and metal building components, we produce a wide variety of products.


Stone City regularly invests back into the company to ensure our equipment stays at the leading edge of technology. Our ISO 9001:2000 certification is evidence of our commitment to continual quality improvement. However, customers say the biggest difference between Stone City and our competitors is our dedicated staff. From the initial design phase through mass production, Stone City employees work as a team to ensure consistently high levels of quality and service.


Our History


The 1940s: Serving Local Industries


Stone City Machine and Tool opened for business in December, 1946. Originally owned and operated by three tool and die makers, the company opened for business making tools and dies for the stamping industry and various metal components for industries in the surrounding area. In 1949, Marshall Miller, his son Marvin and son-in-law David Rariden purchased stock from two of the original owners, and Marshall became the active force in the business. Stone City purchased the Clark Electric Company building, and moved to its present location in 1949.


The 1950s: A Decade of Growth


During the 1950s, the electronics industry took off, and Stone City Machine and Tool claimed its share of the action. David Rariden stepped into his role as vice president of the company in 1954. Two years later, the company purchased the remaining stock from the original owner and David Rariden assumed the role of president and CEO. The company name was changed to Stone City Products in 1958, around the same time that Rariden hired additional sales representatives to expand the thriving business into diverse new markets.


The 1970s: Industrial Expansion


In 1973, David Rariden's son, Stewart, joined Stone City Products, an addition that helped the company expand its customer base and become a more viable manufacturing company. The ‘70s saw the company explore many new product lines, including components for house ware items and office furniture, and even a line of lawn ornaments. Some of these became lasting ventures, others soon became obsolete. This was an exciting decade of growth and diversification that drove the physical expansion of Stone City's facilities.


1980s: Automotive Components


In the late '80s, Japanese automotive companies approached Stone City Products to manufacture automotive stampings for their assembly plants in the United States. This began Stone City's venture into automotive components and assemblies- still a major part of the business today.


1990s: International Growth


Through aggressive marketing in the Midwest, the company experienced phenomenal growth during the 1990s. We gained customers all across the United States, and ventured into international business with customers in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Robert Burgess, former general manager at a United Technologies plant, joined Stone City Products in 1991 as vice president of manufacturing and subsequently became part owner of the company. In 1992, Stewart Rariden became president, and David Rariden became the chairman and CEO of Stone City. Meanwhile, we expanded our product line, adding innovative metal building components - including metal roof clips - along with HVAC system components. This decade of growth secured our customer base and stability, and in 1997, Stone City completed another 15,000 square foot addition.



The 21st Century: Continued Growth


Stone City today serves
diverse industries, and our customer list continues to grow as more manufacturers in wide-ranging industries
recognize our ability to
apply our expertise to nearly any metal stamping or assembly project - no matter how big or small.  We look forward to continuing our role as an integral part of the Bedford, Indiana, community based on a commitment that will carry us through into the next century.




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