How to Stamp Sheet Metal Parts

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The process of sheet metal stamping takes pieces of coiled or blank sheet metal and creates three-dimensional part shapes from them. In this process, the blank or coiled sheet is placed into a stamping press, in which the die (or stamping tool) in the shape of the part desired is pressed into and through the material to form the part.

At Stone City Products, we are your metal fabrication service company of choice — able to deliver exceptional sheet metal fabrication results with a high-quality standard and according to schedule.

Operations Within Sheet Metal Stamping

The process of custom sheet metal stamping consists of several different operations. These include punching, blanking, drawing, bending, embossing, among others. CAD/CAM tools are used to deliver precise, complex parts. Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, fast method of creating high quality, durable components for various industries, such as aerospace, lighting, electronics, metal, hardware, and others.

Mechanical or Hydraulic Press Function

When the hydraulic or mechanical press is activated in a sheet metal stamping operation, the flat sheet metal positioned between the die forms into the desired shape. This provides a solution which enables the production of large quantities of metal components at an affordable price and at a high level of precision.

Customized Precision Metal Stamping Dies

Stamping dies are custom-made and used along with a stamping press to form cut sheet metal into specific desired shapes. Often, a stamping tool is manufactured for a specific application or project. They are generally made from tool steel which has a level of hardness necessary to cut other types of metal while retaining the necessary tolerances required by the stamped part.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping for Multiple Industries

Our team at Stone City Products is able to serve various industries with sheet metal stamping solutions, including construction, appliance, HVAC, and automotive. Through our resources and experience, we can work with you to deliver the stamped sheet metal parts you need for your applications.

You can count on our team at Stone City Products for premier quality sheet metal stamping services. To learn how we can help you with your project requirements, give us a call today at 800.960.3373 or complete our contact form.

Sheet metal fabrication is a complex process that involves using sheet metal to manufacture structures and metal machines. Businesses that operate in sheet metal fabrication industry are sometimes called fabrication shops, and they may provide a wide array of fabrication services and custom options.

At Stone City Products, we provide our clients with an extensive array of sheet metal fabrication services and projects, delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Tools and Equipment Used

So what are the tools and services employed by a sheet metal fabricator?

Generally, sheet metal fabrication involves the burning and cutting of sheet metal using special tools such as band saws with hardened blades to cut the sheet metal evenly. Chop saws are also used in this fabrication process. They are similar in nature to miter saws but utilize an abrasive disc design for cutting sheet metal. In addition, sheet metal fabrication services utilize cutting torches that can cut large sections of sheet metal with ease.

Generally, sheet metal fabrication involves the burning and cutting of sheet metal using special tools such as band saws with hardened blades to cut the sheet metal evenly. Chop saws are also used in this fabrication process. They are similar in nature to miter saws but utilize an abrasive disc design for cutting sheet metal. In addition, sheet metal fabrication services utilize cutting torches that can cut large sections of sheet metal with ease.

At Stone City Products, we utilize a machine called a turret press. This press allows us to cut complex shapes out of sheet steel quickly while keeping tooling costs to our customer relatively low when compared to traditional metal stamping.

Hydraulic brakes are also used with sheet metal fabrication services. With these hydraulic brakes, the sheet metal is bent at predetermined angles. Sheet metal can also be formed into round sections using rolling machines.


In the process of sheet metal fabrication, certain welding tasks are often required for assembly. Often these parts are tack welded into place. Particular welding techniques are utilized to prevent warping or other defective appearances. These can include special straightening processes, staggered welding, and the use of a stout fixture.

Additional Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

An oxy-acetylene torch is used to straighten warped steel during the sheet metal fabrication process. Heat is applied to the metal slowly and in a linear fashion to produce the straightening, which can remove warping.

In order to complete the sheet metal fabrication process, metal is often sandblasted first, then primed and painted. Per the customer specifications, finishing touches are added followed by inspection and shipping to the customer.

At Stone City Products, we are your best option for innovative and cost-effective sheet metal fabrication services. To find out how we can serve your sheet metal fabrication needs, give us a call today at 800.960.3373 or fill out our contact form.

Most companies offering any type of sheet metal stamping service claim to be the best at what they do. As an OEM looking for a reliable partner, it can be difficult to sort through the different services to find a company that offers the quality, production capacity and the scope of services you need.

At Stone City Products, we do not just make claims; we have over seven decades of proven experience in the stamping industry. Working with our company allows any OEM to take advantage of the expertise and experience we have accumulated over those years. This includes our knowledge of working within specific industries, particularly the automotive and construction metal stamping industries.

Quality Considerations

We operate the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for tight quality control throughout production.

In addition, we are also an ISO-9001 registered company. This registration is as a Manufacturer of Metal Stampings for Japanese Automotive, HVAC and Appliance industries. Preventive maintenance of machines and regular maintenance of our tools ensure precision production you can count on.

Production Ability

Our sheet metal stamping service can be used for single orders, stocking orders or just-in-time delivery requirements. We use a turret stamping machine as well as different options in conventional types of metal stamping equipment.

We also provide secondary operations or value-added services including brake press forming, nut and spot welding, orbital riveting, assembly, as well as custom packing. We can quickly ramp up production to meet your needs, which is ideal for OEMs expanding into new lines and markets.

Our convenient location, which is close to major cities and shipping options, also makes us the go-to sheet metal stamping service provider for many OEMs across the country.

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Aluminum is a popular metal choice when you need a durable, lightweight, and malleable material for your task – it is used in a wide range of applications across numerous industries. It is a highly weather resistant, machinable, and weldable metal.

At Stone City Products, we are an experienced aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stamping company that has the capability to fabricate complex arrangements from aluminum sheet in addition to providing other secondary services to fulfill a project’s requirements.

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

The processes involved with the fabrication of aluminum sheet metal are varied and unique. The goal of these processes is to transform the sheet of aluminum material into an operational part destined for a specific application.

Aluminum sheet metal is an optimal material choice for mechanical and structural applications due to its flexibility and other characteristics. For instance, aluminum alloy 6061 can be manipulated further through the process of tempering that creates a desired level of weldability or strength.

High Volume Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Stone City Products, we utilize a number of traditional metal stamping presses in addition to a turret press. With these assets, we have the ability to produce large product volumes in a relatively short space of time. Various industries can benefit from our services, including those requiring automotive products, metal building products, HVAC components, appliances, and bus bar (electrical distribution).

Manufacturing Capabilities

We also have the capability to fabricate aluminum and a maximum thickness of ¼ inch. The range of our presses is 35 to 600 tons the maximum coil width of 50” and a maximum bed size of 144” x 60”. We also provide additional capabilities for your parts, including nut welding, spot welding, brake press forming, kit assembly, and packing.

Strategically Located

Our strategic location near important interstate shipping routes enables us to deliver the level of product volume you need to benefit from short lead times and access competitive pricing. We have the capability to fulfill production and deliveries within tight deadlines and also supply the customized aluminum fabrication solutions you need. We are your dependable partner for the sheet metal fabrication and stamping of aluminum.

To learn more about how we can deliver the exceptional quality aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stamping services you need for your project applications, call us today at 844.612.6668 or complete our contact form.

At Stone City Products, our capabilities include delivering exceptional quality results, value, and convenience for our customers when it comes to their precision sheet metal fabrication needs. As a premier sheet metal fabricator, we provide an extensive range of add-on options, with the capability to produce fabrication results with exceptional quality.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Process


The sheet metal fabrication process is comprised of the manufacturing of metal structures through precision cutting, detailing, bending, and assembling of key parts.


These fabrication projects often start out with precise measurements and shop drawings. Eventually the project is handed over to fabrication experts and then finally to the installers. Some of the fabrication services used to create the finished product include laser cutting, shearing, welding, and press brake forming to make a thin, flexible metal product.


Common products produced from metal include stairs, heavy equipment, and railing, structural framing, and loose parts, just to name a few. These parts are used in a variety of industries.


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications and Options


Our experience benefits multiple industries with products delivered to customers that include metal building products, automotive application products appliances, electrical distribution products and HVAC products. The options we offer through our turret press and stamping presses are extensive. Our presses have a maximum bed size of 144” x 60”, with a range of 35 to 600 tons.


Auxiliary services we offer include kit packing, assembly, spot and not welding, and brake press forming.


ISO-9001 Certified


We also deliver high product volumes within limited time frames. As an ISO-9001 certified provider, we can work with a variety of metals to produce the finished product you need for your application. Regardless of whether you need parts shaped from brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, we can complete your required design.


We also deliver secondary finishing services through the connections we have with various high skilled experience firms that provide this capability.


Exceptional Metal Fabrication Results


For information about how we can provide you with quality precision sheet metal fabrication services, give us a call today at 800.960.3373 or send us a message through our contact form.

At Stone City Products, we understand what it takes to deliver the highest-grade results, value, and convenience for our customers. We are a premier sheet metal fabrication services company that delivers a range of add-on options, with the ability to fulfill a wide range of sheet metal fabrication projects with the highest quality standard.


The Process of Sheet Metal Fabrication


Manufacturing metal structures through precision cutting, bending, detailing, and assembling is a key part of the sheet metal fabrication process. Generally, these projects begin with accurate measurements and shop drawings.


The job is then transferred to the fabrication phase, and then to the installation phase. Fabrication services employed to help produce the finished product can include the use of welding, shearing, laser cutting, or press brake forming to produce a flexible and very thin metal product.


Some of the common products made from this metal include structural framing for buildings and heavy equipment, loose parts, hand railings, and stairs. These products are utilized in a wide range of industries.


Experienced Sheet Metal Fabrication Services


We have experience serving multiple industries and providing products that are used in appliances, automotive applications, metal building products, HVAC products, and electrical distribution applications.


We can provide a wide range of options through our equipment, including the turret press and stamping presses. Our presses offer a maximum coil width of 50”, a maximum bed size of 144”x 60”, and range from 35 to 600 tons. Some of the auxiliary services we offer include assembly and kit packing, brake press forming, and nut and spot welding.


Precision Sheet Metal FabricationISO-9001 Certified Company


At Stone City Products, we can deliver high volumes of components within a tight timeframe. As an ISO-9001 certified company, we also handle a variety of metals to give you the exact finished product you need.


Whether you need components shaped from copper, brass, stainless steel, copper, or aluminum, we have the right capabilities for stamp pressing your required design. We can then deliver the secondary finishing that you need. We also maintain a relationship with a number of highly skilled, experienced firms that deliver this service.


Cost Effective and Quality Metal Fabrication


We are your premier option for cost effective and innovative sheet metal fabrication services. For more information about how we can serve you, call us today at 800.960.3373 or fill out our contact form.

At Stone City, we pride ourselves in being different from other metal stamping companies in the area or across the country. We have worked hard to become the best at what we do, and this quest for quality and precision production allows us to offer services and options to our customers that stand apart from what is offered by the competition.


We specialize in offering a metal stamping service to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. In addition, we also offer precision fabrication services as well as value-added services including assembly, kitting and design services. While we are an American company, we have customers across the globe, including throughout Europe, Asia and in Mexico and Canada.


Industry Knowledge


Our knowledge of metal stamping includes several industries and specifically the automotive industry as well as for HVAC systems. We also provide a complete metal stamping service for parts and components in the appliance industry, and we have experience in working metal stamping and forming for rail cars.


We are a Tier ll and lll supplier to several automotive manufacturers. This includes Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru, and we can work to exacting tolerances. Stone City is also an ISO 9001 certified company, which means we focus on quality control and quality production for all of our orders, regardless of the industry or the size of the company.


Equipment and Investment


To be able to provide the top-quality metal stamping service, we invest back into our company. This includes investing in the latest in equipment and production machinery and to constantly strive to offer the value-added services our customers require.


With a focus on quality production, customer service and fast order turnaround times, Stone City is a metal stamping and precision machining service with a very different approach to doing business.

There are many steps to creating a finished product. Although most people have no idea what goes into the process, anyone in the industry knows it begins with a comprehensive design process. The design phase of your custom sheet metal stamping project is sometimes the most important because it determines the exact end result. This is where you want to invest in a company capable of helping you with the entire process from the design process through to the finished service. We can do this for you.


Why Design Matters


Investing in a team to handle your design needs minimizes risks and complications later. Custom sheet metal stamping needs to be done very precisely in order for your company to benefit from it. Our team works with you throughout the process including design enhancement to improve your current decision and through concept design to ensure the best solution is presented. In addition to this, we also provide value added engineering to help you to reduce problems related to manufacturing, assembly, and installation while also keeping costs down. We can also handle services such as prototype production to get that first piece ready to go. And, when you have a component you need to be replicated, our reverse engineering services can help to make this process possible. Do not overlook just how comprehensive our design services can be to improve your end result.


There are many reasons to work with our team. At the heart of them is our dedication to providing you with outstanding support and service from the start of your project through the completion. If you need design services for custom sheet metal stamping or other services from us, contact us at 800-960-3373 to discuss your project with a team member from Stone City.

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked and forgotten about processes for creating precision formed parts and components is sheet metal stamping. At Stone City Products, we have provided precision stamped parts for industries for over six decades. During this time, we have kept on top of all the technology, and the cutting-edge advances in this highly cost-effective method of producing parts and components.
To help our customers understand how sheet metal stamping will address their part and component fabrication requirements, understanding the basic process can be helpful. Keep in mind, our designers and engineers can start working with your in-house design team early in the processes, allowing for efficiency in the design which leads to faster production and lower time to market or new parts and components.

Sheet Metal

While aluminum is the most common material used in the stamping process, it can be completed with all types of metallic alloys in sheet form. This even includes the superalloys of the Inconel family, which are often used in the aerospace industry and for extreme environment types of systems.
Sheet metal, while very durable and strong, can be shaped using extremely high amounts of pressure. Unlike other types of fabrication and forming options, stamping is completed at room temperature, so there is no additional heating or stress relieving needed after the heating process.

The Process

Using controlled pressure, a ram is used to press down in the sheet metal. A die (creating the outside shape) and a punch (creating the inside shape) creates a blank, or the shape punched through the die.
This can be done in a single stage and can create a shape before or after blanking. There is also the option for a progressive blanking press, which shapes the sheet metal through several progressive dies. The final blanking process creates the end shape through the sheet metal stamping and blanking process.
To find out more about our sheet metal stamping and blanking processes at Stone City, give us a call today at 800-960-3373, we would be happy to discuss your next project.

Metal stamping allows for the creation of simple to complex patterns through the use of stamping equipment. This is completed on flat metal plates or sheets that can provide shaping as well as perforations in the metal.


Lower in cost than other types of fabrication, including extrusion or machining and forming, metal stamping is often the best choice for large volume production runs of suitable types of materials. It can also be used for both small parts and components or those that are much larger or more complex in shape and form.


To choose the best metal stamping manufacturers for any job, there are several factors to keep in mind. The first thought may be to take a look at a quoted price for a project, but this is really the last factor to consider after verifying company reputation, capacity, and experience.


Company Reputation

It shouldn’t be difficult to get a good idea of the reputation of the various metal stamping manufacturers under consideration. In general, most Original Equipment Manufacturers will choose a stamping company close to major transportation routes as well as their business to decrease supply chain issues and make logistics easier to manage.


Verify the on-time delivery of orders for the company and also verify the company is ISO 9001 registered and look for businesses that are members of PMA (Precision Metalforming Association).


Industry Experience

In addition to the business reputation, check that the metal stamping manufacturers under consideration have experience in your industry. Many of the top manufacturers have years of experience in providing parts to the automotive, aerospace, HVAC, metal building construction materials and in designing and providing specialized parts and components across these industries.


Capacity for Production

The capacity for production includes both the lead time on orders as well as the type of equipment used. Modern facilities use state-of-the-art precision equipment that can complete projects to exacting specification and tight tolerances not possible with older equipment and systems.