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Design Services

For Sheet Metal Stamping and Precision Machining

Metal Stamping And Precision Machiing Design Services

Stone City’s engineers provide prompt and professional design assistance to ensure metal components are made to deliver efficient production and easy assembly. By collaborating with your designers early in the planning process, we can ensure the components are made for manufacturability, with precise adherence to your specifications.

Design Enhancement

Drawing on years of experience in manufacturing and design, Stone City engineers can review any existing metal component and suggest improvements that may save you time and money during the production process. By applying the principles of Poka-Yoke, we can ensure components offer fast and fool-proof assembly.

Metal Stamping Design Enhancement

Concept Design

If you have an idea for a new metal part or product but haven’t taken it into the formal design stage yet, Stone City can help. Our engineers will listen to your concept and turn it into a workable reality by producing the required design documents and production specifications.

Value Engineering

Stone City engineers are experts in solving manufacturing, assembly and installation problems – and they are always looking for ways to do things better. If something in your process isn’t working quite right, talk to our engineers. Chances are, they can invent a solution that will fulfill your need to accelerate speed, enhance quality or reduce the cost of production.

Reverse Engineering

You know the dilemma: You have the part, but the production drawings are long gone. At Stone City, we can reverse the process and create the production documents and manufacturing processes based on the finished piece.


Stone City produces prototypes that closely approximate the performance of the actual stamping. Requesting a prototype for testing and evaluation before steel is cut helps prevent costly manufacturing problems and delays. Most prototypes can be delivered to your facility within 10 days. Please call for more information.