Industries Served

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From Automotive Metal Stamping to
HVAC Mechanical Assembly

Stone City’s precision metal stamping and machining capabilities, combined with our quality systems and delivery programs, give our company a firm foundation for serving diverse industries and businesses: For example, we serve customers in the automotive industry that require absolute adherence to strict specifications. Serving customers in the appliance industry, Stone City meets challenging demands for delivery and stocking programs.

Automative Metal Stamping

Strategic Location

Stone City is located in Bedford, Indiana, which places us in the heart of the United States and in close proximity to some of the nation’s largest manufacturing companies. Shipping to our global customers in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia is easily accomplished via the UPS Air Hub located in nearby Louisville, Kentucky.

Components for the Automotive Industry

Stone City is a Tier II and Tier III supplier to Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford and Honda. We produce a wide range of automotive stampings and precision machined parts for interior and exterior components under the tight tolerances specified by each manufacturer.

Components for the Rail Car Industry

Using our knowledge of metal stamping and forming, Stone City Products partnered with a large manufacturer of semi-trailers to help develop a line of walk boards for use in the rail car industry. Past attempts with another supplier had resulted in limited market penetration and due to some processing restrictions, their growth potential was very limited. Our team was able to design a process that eliminated all of the restrictions, provide a marketable product that has allowed our customer to greatly increase their market share, and has opened new types of business for them using this same technology and processing method. This is just one example of the many ways we can value-engineer solutions to fully or semi-automate steps to improve speed, accuracy and quality of product, while keeping a tight control on product pricing.

Components for HVAC Systems

Our facilities are equipped to produce virtually any metal part for the commercial and residential HVAC system and components to facilitate construction. Our capabilities extend to commercial HVAC duct components, exhaust systems and heating and cooling unit components.