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Precise tolerance machining services consist of precision CNC machining that involves the fabrication of parts to precise specifications. At Stone City Products, we manufacture parts that meet the specifications required by our customers to a high level of precision. Various industry applications are met by our precision machining services. We have extensive experience in a range of industry sectors and applications, including appliance, automotive, HVAC, electrical distribution (bus bar), and metal building product lines. We are also ISO-9001 registered.

Sheet Metal Stamping

Precision Machining Speed and Efficiency

The CNC production machining services we offer allow us to implement precise and repeated machining of complex shapes that are much less feasible to fabricate through a process of manual machining. In addition, through our state-of-the-art machining capabilities, we can carry out production at a much faster clip than manual machining offers. The close tolerance machining services we offer eliminate human error and waste.

CNC machining processes are programmed by a machine operator that directs the individual axes during the machining process. Our standard CNC services including milling, drilling, threading, and turning.

Cost-Effective Precision Machining

We help our clients achieve significant cost savings through the application of our CNC precision machining capabilities. Our computerized machining operations and the use of CNC technology allow Stone City to fulfill multiple tasks with precision and speed, and in large quantities. Faster production rates, elimination of errors, and faster delivery to you are just some of the associated benefits.

At Stone City Products, we utilize a variety of precision machining services to meet the needs of your industrial applications. Find out how we can provide you with the precision machining services you need, call us today at 800.960.3373 or complete our contact form.