Project Management

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Service and Support

Service & Support for Stonecity Customers

For many Stone City customers, the services we provide to support their operations are critical to achieving their business objectives. We are dedicated to serving our customers with excellent project management, inventory programs and delivery schedules.

Project Management:

Stone City takes a team approach to project management: From the design phase through mass production, team members collaborate and share information to provide total customer satisfaction. The Stone City Rapid Response Team meets demands under aggressive timelines to eliminate disruption to the supply chain. We regularly measure customer satisfaction in several areas and consistently receive “excellent” ratings.

Employee Training:

Stone City conducts regular in-house training classes to build professional skills and promote employee wellbeing. The company has a culture of continual improvement, and experienced employees share a common goal to always exceed customer expectations.

Stocking Programs:

Stone City developed their expertise in stocking programs as a result of their experience with the metal building industry. Today, Stone City develops custom stocking programs to serve a variety of needs. We maintain an adequate inventory of stock to ensure customers never experience a disruption in component availability. Our operations are small enough to react quickly, yet large enough to keep a safe volume of products and materials on hand.

Just-In-Time Delivery:

Dependable, on-time delivery according to customers’ schedules is our standard practice – even when that means delivering to the same facilities several times per day. Stone City is located in Bedford, Indiana, which places us in the heart of the United States and in close proximity to the nation’s largest automotive manufacturing companies. Shipping to global customers is easily accomplished via the UPS Air Hub located in nearby Louisville, Kentucky.

Returnable Containers:

Finished components can be shipped in reusable, heavy-duty plastic containers to reduce packaging and waste disposal costs-and to provide a more environmentally friendly approach to shipping.