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In the automotive industry, well-made, accurate sheet metal stampings are essential to ensure the quality of the finished product. If you want to work with an experienced metal fabricating company that has successfully completed a range of different automotive stamping projects, look no further than Stone City Products. Our equipment is capable of fabricating metals such as aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel and carbon with a thickness of up to 1/4”.

Automative Metal Stamping

Automotive Metal Stamping and Secondary Work

Our company has a turret stamping machine, as well as a number of conventional metal stamping machines. These give us considerable capacity, enabling us to complete larger orders in record time, as well as complete multiple orders concurrently. In addition to metal stamping, we can also carry out different secondary operations, ensuring your order is exactly to your specifications. The secondary operations include packing, spot welding, nut welding and brake press forming.

High-Caliber Stamping Machine to Get the Automotive Stampings You Need

Our presses range from 35 to 600 tons, with a maximum bed size of 144″ x 60″ and a maximum coil width of 50″. We can also create customized stamping to match your specific requirements – just tell us what you’re looking for and we can usually find a suitable solution.

Automotive Metal Stamping Close to Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Using our knowledge of metal stamping and forming, Stone City Products partnered with a large manufacturer of semi-trailers to help develop a line of walk boards for use in the rail car industry. Past attempts with another supplier had resulted in limited market penetration and due to some processing restrictions, their growth potential was very limited.

Our team was able to design a process to eliminate all restrictions, provide a marketable product that has allowed our customer to greatly increase their market share, and has opened new types of business for them using this same technology and processing method. This is just one example of the many ways we can value-engineer solutions to fully or semi-automate steps to improve speed, accuracy and quality of product, while keeping a tight control on product pricing.

Components for HVAC Systems

We are located near major cities and interstate shipping routes, enabling local customers to access the services they need while also reducing transport costs. In addition to providing competitive pricing and excellent value, we give our customers top-quality products that are built to last.