Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Used for everything from fuselages to trains, window frames and more, aluminum is a popular choice where a lightweight, tough yet malleable solution is required. We are an experienced metal stamping company that can not only fabricate aluminum sheet into complex configurations, but also provide the secondary operations required to complete your project.

Sheet Metal Stamping

High Production Capacity Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Stone City Products operates several traditional metal stamping presses, as well as a turret press. This gives us the capability to deliver high volumes of products within a relatively short time span. Our services are suitable for many industries, including HVAC components, metal building product lines, automotive products, bus bar (electrical distribution) and appliances.

Finishing Operations to Complete Your Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Project

We can fabricate aluminum up to 1/4” thick and our presses range from 35 to 600 tons, with a maximum bed size of 144″ x 60″ and a maximum coil width of 50″. Once your fabrication is complete, our skilled team can undertake further operations on your components, including spot welding, nut welding, packing, kit assembly and brake press forming.

ISO:9001 Certified Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Company

Located near major interstate shipping routes, we are able to deliver products in the volumes you need for competitive prices and with short lead times. Capable of meeting tight deadlines, as well as provide customized solutions for all your aluminum fabrication needs, Stone City Products is a true partner in aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stamping. Call us at (800) 960-3373 to find out more.