Sheet Metal Stamping

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Premium-Quality Metal Stamping Service

If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your metal stamping project, we can help. With plenty of experience in working on a wide variety of sheet metal stamping components, we can transform your metal stamping ideas into a high-quality reality. Cutting-edge equipment and a highly skilled, resourceful workforce enable us to create complex items in a wide variety of sizes. We put precision and quality at the heart of what we do, ensuring every customer receives exceptional products that are exactly what they need.

Sheet Metal Stamping

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Service for a Variety of Industries

From automotive components to work for the appliance industry, construction projects and jobs for HVAC companies, our expert team can create an enormous variety of answers for many different projects.

We Put Quality at the Heart of What We Do

Don’t let our low cost and fast turnaround fool you. Stone City consistently provides the highest quality metal stamping services in the industry. Over the years we have refined our systems and processes to be as efficient as possible, at the same time as incorporating checks and testing to ensure the continual production of high-caliber parts. We use Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques that result in continuous improvement of the service we provide.

ISO 9001 Certified Metal Stamping Service

Our ISO 9001 certification indicates our thorough approach to flaw detection and our commitment to consistent production at the same time as minimizing waste. To discuss your project with us in more detail, or to find out more, call us at (800) 960-3373.