Production capabilities

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Metal Stamping

Stone City’s metal stamping engineers use a bank of over 30 metal forming presses to produce precise, high quality and cost-efficient stamped and drawn metal components. Capabilities include: automotive stampings, steel stamping, sheet metal stamping, metal stampings for heavy equipment manufacturers, metal building components and more.

Innovative Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

No metal stamping job is too big, too small or too complicated for Stone City.

From small and intricate pieces to large-scale components and steel coil ribbon, Stone City handles a wide range of projects. Capabilities for progressive die work enable us to produce very complex parts. And our value-added secondary services enable us to produce components that arrive at your facilities ready for installation. Stone City’s metal stamping production engineering expertise is trusted by customers in a wide range of industries, including HVAC and construction. We are a Tier II and Tier III supplier of automotive stampings, providing interior and exterior components to Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford and Honda.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication - Innovative Designs for Tough Projects

Many of our customers come to us with challenging design problems that require a blend of technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment to solve. Our highly experienced and creative team is able to provide a customized metal stamping service that’s specifically geared to meeting your objectives.

Because we invest heavily in the best equipment we can source and with a strong emphasis on consistent quality, waste reduction and competitive pricing, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of companies that require one-off precision sheet metal fabrication solutions.

As a major supplier for several leading brands, we have the capacity to deliver the accurate metal fabricating you need, no matter how complex the item might be.

Precision Machining

With machinery to turn, mill, thread, thread mill, bore, pocket, drill, ream, burnish and 3-D mill, Stone City has metal fabrication capabilities to complete virtually any large or small machining project. We offer custom metal fabrication and sheet metal fabrication to precise specifications.

Stone City's high precision machinery produces exactly what you need; exactly when you need it.

Our experts have the knowledge to fulfill any large or small custom metal fabrication request. When precision is critical, Stone City’s equipment and quality measures enable us to achieve and hold very tight tolerances. (Currently, Stone City machines parts at tolerances of 7.995 ~ 8.01mm 1.6z finish on an I.D.).

Precision Metal Stampings

Whether your project requires a short run or a large quantity, our equipment has the capacity to get the job done on a tight schedule. Using CAD/CAM and TransMagic translation software, we can import design and specification files created by virtually any CAD system.

Value-Added Assembly

Stone City’s mechanical assembly is not limited to the parts we produce in-house. We can incorporate parts from other suppliers – and even order and inventory them for you. Capabilities include mechanical assemblies and welded assemblies. Need to improve the performance or cost-effectiveness of an assembled part? Our value-added metal engineering services can devise a solution.

Stone City's Value-Added Assembly saves time on your production line and space in your warehouse.

Finally, when you contract mechanical assembly to Stone City, complete components can arrive at your facility ready for the production line – a convenience that saves both time and money for your business.