Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services – Process and Applications

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At Stone City Products, our capabilities include delivering exceptional quality results, value, and convenience for our customers when it comes to their precision sheet metal fabrication needs. As a premier sheet metal fabricator, we provide an extensive range of add-on options, with the capability to produce fabrication results with exceptional quality.


Sheet Metal Fabrication Process


The sheet metal fabrication process is comprised of the manufacturing of metal structures through precision cutting, detailing, bending, and assembling of key parts.


These fabrication projects often start out with precise measurements and shop drawings. Eventually the project is handed over to fabrication experts and then finally to the installers. Some of the fabrication services used to create the finished product include laser cutting, shearing, welding, and press brake forming to make a thin, flexible metal product.


Common products produced from metal include stairs, heavy equipment, and railing, structural framing, and loose parts, just to name a few. These parts are used in a variety of industries.


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications and Options


Our experience benefits multiple industries with products delivered to customers that include metal building products, automotive application products appliances, electrical distribution products and HVAC products. The options we offer through our turret press and stamping presses are extensive. Our presses have a maximum bed size of 144” x 60”, with a range of 35 to 600 tons.


Auxiliary services we offer include kit packing, assembly, spot and not welding, and brake press forming.


ISO-9001 Certified


We also deliver high product volumes within limited time frames. As an ISO-9001 certified provider, we can work with a variety of metals to produce the finished product you need for your application. Regardless of whether you need parts shaped from brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, we can complete your required design.


We also deliver secondary finishing services through the connections we have with various high skilled experience firms that provide this capability.


Exceptional Metal Fabrication Results


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