What is Sheet Metal Stamping

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Metal components are necessary in all kinds of industries, ranging from automotive to HVAC, and everything in between. However, forming a piece of metal into the right shape for use in a car engine or an A/C unit can provide a challenge. That’s where sheet metal stamping comes in.

Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing method that is used to turn sheet metal into metal components with distinct shapes. Sheet metal stamping is a cold-forming process, which means that it doesn’t use heat to shape a piece of metal; instead, it uses extreme force. This process can be used to turn sheet metal into precise two dimensional or three dimensional parts, depending on the specifications.

There are several common metal stamping processes, including:

  • Blanking: This process involves cutting a piece of sheet metal into a rough outline of the finished design. Blanking is an intermediate step in the metal stamping process that helps improve the final outcome.
  • Punching: This is a very basic stamping process that involves punching a hole through a piece of sheet metal using a punch press.
  • Coining: In this process, a die is used to form a piece of sheet metal into a specific shape (rather than cutting pieces out like in the punching process).
  • Bending: The bending process is used to shape flat metal pieces into three dimensional parts.
  • Flanging: This process is used specifically to bend metal parts at a 90° angle

Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process that is extremely useful for all kinds of applications. At Stone City Products, we have a wide range of sheet metal stamping capabilities. Our cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled team, and extensive experience in the industry allow us to provide top-notch solutions for all of your metal stamping projects.

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