The Importance of Accurate Metal Fabrication

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Metal fabrication is not a new invention. It’s not even a recent invention. Humans have been experimenting with metal fabrication since the Bronze Age, which began over five thousand years ago. However, the metal fabricating of today bears little resemblance to the metal fabricating of our prehistoric ancestors

We have advanced far beyond hammering away at a piece of bronze until it forms a crude tool. Now, we have precision metal fabricating, which allows for a level of accuracy that would have been impossible to achieve even just one hundred years ago.

In the last half century, technological advancements such as CNC (computer numerical control) and CAD (computer aided design) have made precision metal fabricating faster, easier, more exact, and less expensive than it has ever been before. This is fortunate, because as technology continues to progress in every way, the demand for accurate metal fabrication continues to increase.

Precision metal fabricating is used for a variety of applications where accuracy is of the utmost importance, including applications in the aerospace, mining, and medical industries.

In the aerospace industry, precision metal fabricating is used to make a wide range of aircraft parts. Of course, it is imperative that these parts are made as accurately as possible, as the consequences of a malfunctioning aircraft could be catastrophic. Accurate metal fabrication plays a vital role in making air travel both safe and possible.

Precision metal fabricating also plays a role in the mining industry. Mining equipment needs to be able to operate under extreme conditions, so it needs to be made with exacting standards. High quality metal fabrication is accurate enough to do the job.

Additionally, the medical industry relies on precision metal fabricating for medical device production. Accuracy in the production of medical devices is crucial, since a properly working medical device could mean the difference between life and death.

Accurate metal fabrication is necessary for all kinds of applications in the modern world. If you are in need of precision metal fabricating services for such an application, look no further than Stone City and our experienced metal fabricating team. For more information, call us today at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to