How Does Sheet Metal Stamping Work?

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Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing process that is used to alter metal into different shapes. Metal components are necessary for a vast array of applications in myriad industries, which makes metal stamping a very important procedure in our modern world. 

At a base level, sheet metal stamping is fairly simple. A piece of metal is inserted into a stamping press, between two dies (one on the top and one on the bottom). The stamping press pushes the top die down with tremendous force, causing the metal piece to take on the shape of the die. 

The most basic metal stamping procedure is called blanking. Blanking works like this: sheet metal is inserted into the stamping press, and a die is used to cut out a piece in a specific shape. The resulting piece is called a blank.

Piercing is another common sheet metal stamping procedure. Piercing is essentially the inverse of blanking. Dies are used to cut shapes out of a piece of metal, but instead of saving the blanks, the manufacturer uses the original piece of metal, now with holes punched out. 

One of the most complicated metal stamping techniques is drawing. Drawing is used to form deep depressions in a piece of metal. It’s very useful for manufacturing things like cooking equipment, sinks, and even oil pans for vehicles. During the drawing process, technicians use tension to draw the material being formed into a cavity, thus changing its shape. 

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Metal components are necessary in all kinds of industries, ranging from automotive to HVAC, and everything in between. However, forming a piece of metal into the right shape for use in a car engine or an A/C unit can provide a challenge. That’s where sheet metal stamping comes in.

Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing method that is used to turn sheet metal into metal components with distinct shapes. Sheet metal stamping is a cold-forming process, which means that it doesn’t use heat to shape a piece of metal; instead, it uses extreme force. This process can be used to turn sheet metal into precise two dimensional or three dimensional parts, depending on the specifications.

There are several common metal stamping processes, including:

  • Blanking: This process involves cutting a piece of sheet metal into a rough outline of the finished design. Blanking is an intermediate step in the metal stamping process that helps improve the final outcome.
  • Punching: This is a very basic stamping process that involves punching a hole through a piece of sheet metal using a punch press.
  • Coining: In this process, a die is used to form a piece of sheet metal into a specific shape (rather than cutting pieces out like in the punching process).
  • Bending: The bending process is used to shape flat metal pieces into three dimensional parts.
  • Flanging: This process is used specifically to bend metal parts at a 90° angle

Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process that is extremely useful for all kinds of applications. At Stone City Products, we have a wide range of sheet metal stamping capabilities. Our cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled team, and extensive experience in the industry allow us to provide top-notch solutions for all of your metal stamping projects.

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For various automotive componentry and assemblies, sheet metal stamping can be a great method for getting a consistent finished product repeatedly, with extremely tight tolerances. The sheet metal stamping technique can be used from anything from a bumper, to a car doorframe. Here are some advantages to using this method in automotive manufacturing.


Sheet metal is a material widely utilized across many industries. In the automotive industry, sheet metal stamping is used for various componentry and parts throughout a vehicle. From interior frames to a transmission mount—sheet metal stamping is a great technique for producing almost all automotive parts.


Being a relatively cheap material, sheet metal stamping offers auto manufacturers great levels of durability and long lasting strength, and a price that is affordable at a large or small scale. This makes it a very popular choice amongst leading car brands.


With automated computerized manufacturing techniques, sheet metal stamping can be carried out at great levels of efficiency, allowing car manufacturers to consistently produce greater volumes of cars. Additionally, all the parts are produced with greater accuracy, allowing for minimal delays in the manufacturing process.

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If your business needs to adhere to a strict timeline, budget, and quality levels, you need to count on a metal fabrication manufacturer that can get the job done. Here are there key characteristics for choosing a coolaborative, efficient, and effective sheet metal stamping partner.

Trusted Industry Player.

If the metal stamping companies you are looking for lack a documented history of successful projects, look elsewhere for a sheet metal stamping manufacturer that has a proven history of delivering on sheet metal fabrication projects with high levels of quality and efficiency.

High Levels of Capability.

A collaborative sheet metal stamping partner will give you many options in terms of manufacturing capabilities. Based on your design, a good manufacturer should have an ideal manufacturing set up designed for your project needs.

Pays Attention to the Industry.

With any good metal stamping partner, a focus and adaptability to the latest industry innovations is a huge plus. When you work with a manufacturing partner with high levels of adaptability, you can trust that your project will be carried out using some of the best technology in the industry.

At Stone City Products, we offer high quality metal fabrication and stamping services designed to save your business time and money. We have an array of metal fabrication services, including custom sheet metal stamping, custom sheet metal fabrication and more. Call us today at 844 612 6668, or visit our website to request a free quote.

The process of sheet metal stamping takes pieces of coiled or blank sheet metal and creates three-dimensional part shapes from them. In this process, the blank or coiled sheet is placed into a stamping press, in which the die (or stamping tool) in the shape of the part desired is pressed into and through the material to form the part.

At Stone City Products, we are your metal fabrication service company of choice — able to deliver exceptional sheet metal fabrication results with a high-quality standard and according to schedule.

Operations Within Sheet Metal Stamping

The process of custom sheet metal stamping consists of several different operations. These include punching, blanking, drawing, bending, embossing, among others. CAD/CAM tools are used to deliver precise, complex parts. Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, fast method of creating high quality, durable components for various industries, such as aerospace, lighting, electronics, metal, hardware, and others.

Mechanical or Hydraulic Press Function

When the hydraulic or mechanical press is activated in a sheet metal stamping operation, the flat sheet metal positioned between the die forms into the desired shape. This provides a solution which enables the production of large quantities of metal components at an affordable price and at a high level of precision.

Customized Precision Metal Stamping Dies

Stamping dies are custom-made and used along with a stamping press to form cut sheet metal into specific desired shapes. Often, a stamping tool is manufactured for a specific application or project. They are generally made from tool steel which has a level of hardness necessary to cut other types of metal while retaining the necessary tolerances required by the stamped part.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping for Multiple Industries

Our team at Stone City Products is able to serve various industries with sheet metal stamping solutions, including construction, appliance, HVAC, and automotive. Through our resources and experience, we can work with you to deliver the stamped sheet metal parts you need for your applications.

You can count on our team at Stone City Products for premier quality sheet metal stamping services. To learn how we can help you with your project requirements, give us a call today at 800.960.3373 or complete our contact form.

Most companies offering any type of sheet metal stamping service claim to be the best at what they do. As an OEM looking for a reliable partner, it can be difficult to sort through the different services to find a company that offers the quality, production capacity and the scope of services you need.

At Stone City Products, we do not just make claims; we have over seven decades of proven experience in the stamping industry. Working with our company allows any OEM to take advantage of the expertise and experience we have accumulated over those years. This includes our knowledge of working within specific industries, particularly the automotive and construction metal stamping industries.

Quality Considerations

We operate the latest in state-of-the-art equipment, allowing for tight quality control throughout production.

In addition, we are also an ISO-9001 registered company. This registration is as a Manufacturer of Metal Stampings for Japanese Automotive, HVAC and Appliance industries. Preventive maintenance of machines and regular maintenance of our tools ensure precision production you can count on.

Production Ability

Our sheet metal stamping service can be used for single orders, stocking orders or just-in-time delivery requirements. We use a turret stamping machine as well as different options in conventional types of metal stamping equipment.

We also provide secondary operations or value-added services including brake press forming, nut and spot welding, orbital riveting, assembly, as well as custom packing. We can quickly ramp up production to meet your needs, which is ideal for OEMs expanding into new lines and markets.

Our convenient location, which is close to major cities and shipping options, also makes us the go-to sheet metal stamping service provider for many OEMs across the country.

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At Stone City, we pride ourselves in being different from other metal stamping companies in the area or across the country. We have worked hard to become the best at what we do, and this quest for quality and precision production allows us to offer services and options to our customers that stand apart from what is offered by the competition.


We specialize in offering a metal stamping service to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. In addition, we also offer precision fabrication services as well as value-added services including assembly, kitting and design services. While we are an American company, we have customers across the globe, including throughout Europe, Asia and in Mexico and Canada.


Industry Knowledge


Our knowledge of metal stamping includes several industries and specifically the automotive industry as well as for HVAC systems. We also provide a complete metal stamping service for parts and components in the appliance industry, and we have experience in working metal stamping and forming for rail cars.


We are a Tier ll and lll supplier to several automotive manufacturers. This includes Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru, and we can work to exacting tolerances. Stone City is also an ISO 9001 certified company, which means we focus on quality control and quality production for all of our orders, regardless of the industry or the size of the company.


Equipment and Investment


To be able to provide the top-quality metal stamping service, we invest back into our company. This includes investing in the latest in equipment and production machinery and to constantly strive to offer the value-added services our customers require.


With a focus on quality production, customer service and fast order turnaround times, Stone City is a metal stamping and precision machining service with a very different approach to doing business.

There are many steps to creating a finished product. Although most people have no idea what goes into the process, anyone in the industry knows it begins with a comprehensive design process. The design phase of your custom sheet metal stamping project is sometimes the most important because it determines the exact end result. This is where you want to invest in a company capable of helping you with the entire process from the design process through to the finished service. We can do this for you.


Why Design Matters


Investing in a team to handle your design needs minimizes risks and complications later. Custom sheet metal stamping needs to be done very precisely in order for your company to benefit from it. Our team works with you throughout the process including design enhancement to improve your current decision and through concept design to ensure the best solution is presented. In addition to this, we also provide value added engineering to help you to reduce problems related to manufacturing, assembly, and installation while also keeping costs down. We can also handle services such as prototype production to get that first piece ready to go. And, when you have a component you need to be replicated, our reverse engineering services can help to make this process possible. Do not overlook just how comprehensive our design services can be to improve your end result.


There are many reasons to work with our team. At the heart of them is our dedication to providing you with outstanding support and service from the start of your project through the completion. If you need design services for custom sheet metal stamping or other services from us, contact us at 800-960-3373 to discuss your project with a team member from Stone City.

Perhaps one of the most often overlooked and forgotten about processes for creating precision formed parts and components is sheet metal stamping. At Stone City Products, we have provided precision stamped parts for industries for over six decades. During this time, we have kept on top of all the technology, and the cutting-edge advances in this highly cost-effective method of producing parts and components.
To help our customers understand how sheet metal stamping will address their part and component fabrication requirements, understanding the basic process can be helpful. Keep in mind, our designers and engineers can start working with your in-house design team early in the processes, allowing for efficiency in the design which leads to faster production and lower time to market or new parts and components.

Sheet Metal

While aluminum is the most common material used in the stamping process, it can be completed with all types of metallic alloys in sheet form. This even includes the superalloys of the Inconel family, which are often used in the aerospace industry and for extreme environment types of systems.
Sheet metal, while very durable and strong, can be shaped using extremely high amounts of pressure. Unlike other types of fabrication and forming options, stamping is completed at room temperature, so there is no additional heating or stress relieving needed after the heating process.

The Process

Using controlled pressure, a ram is used to press down in the sheet metal. A die (creating the outside shape) and a punch (creating the inside shape) creates a blank, or the shape punched through the die.
This can be done in a single stage and can create a shape before or after blanking. There is also the option for a progressive blanking press, which shapes the sheet metal through several progressive dies. The final blanking process creates the end shape through the sheet metal stamping and blanking process.
To find out more about our sheet metal stamping and blanking processes at Stone City, give us a call today at 800-960-3373, we would be happy to discuss your next project.