The Role of Metal Stamping in the Appliance Industry

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At Stone City, we provide sheet metal stamping services for all kinds of industries. One industry in which we play a particularly important role is the appliance industry.

The appliance industry is vast and varied, and each of the many products it creates requires a unique set of highly specific metal components. Thanks to our many years of sheet metal stamping experience, we are more than equipped to create these components.

Refrigerators, microwaves, clothes washer and dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners are just a few examples of appliances that Stone City has a hand in producing. Each of these machines utilize some very complex metal components that require skill and precision to create.

With our state of the art equipment and seven decades of experience in sheet metal stamping, we at Stone City are capable of producing complex metal components of all sizes, shapes, and functions. Whether you need clamps, covers, sleeves, washers, plates, brackets, inserts, or heat sinks for your appliance applications, we have you covered.

At Stone City, we know the ins and outs of sheet metal stamping. No matter how complicated or specific the metal component required for an appliance happens to be, our highly skilled workforce can handle the challenge. We have the tools, skills, and resources we need to create exceptional metal parts with absolute precision.

The appliance industry could not be what it is without companies like us to provide them with all of the distinct metal pieces they need to create each of the many types of appliances that can be found in commercial and residential kitchens across the world.

If you are involved in appliance manufacturing, and are looking to partner with a company that can help you create the metal components you need, give us a call at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to to learn more about our sheet metal stamping services. We look forward to hearing from you.