Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping Services

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Aluminum is a popular metal choice when you need a durable, lightweight, and malleable material for your task – it is used in a wide range of applications across numerous industries. It is a highly weather resistant, machinable, and weldable metal.

At Stone City Products, we are an experienced aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stamping company that has the capability to fabricate complex arrangements from aluminum sheet in addition to providing other secondary services to fulfill a project’s requirements.

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

The processes involved with the fabrication of aluminum sheet metal are varied and unique. The goal of these processes is to transform the sheet of aluminum material into an operational part destined for a specific application.

Aluminum sheet metal is an optimal material choice for mechanical and structural applications due to its flexibility and other characteristics. For instance, aluminum alloy 6061 can be manipulated further through the process of tempering that creates a desired level of weldability or strength.

High Volume Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

At Stone City Products, we utilize a number of traditional metal stamping presses in addition to a turret press. With these assets, we have the ability to produce large product volumes in a relatively short space of time. Various industries can benefit from our services, including those requiring automotive products, metal building products, HVAC components, appliances, and bus bar (electrical distribution).

Manufacturing Capabilities

We also have the capability to fabricate aluminum and a maximum thickness of ¼ inch. The range of our presses is 35 to 600 tons the maximum coil width of 50” and a maximum bed size of 144” x 60”. We also provide additional capabilities for your parts, including nut welding, spot welding, brake press forming, kit assembly, and packing.

Strategically Located

Our strategic location near important interstate shipping routes enables us to deliver the level of product volume you need to benefit from short lead times and access competitive pricing. We have the capability to fulfill production and deliveries within tight deadlines and also supply the customized aluminum fabrication solutions you need. We are your dependable partner for the sheet metal fabrication and stamping of aluminum.

To learn more about how we can deliver the exceptional quality aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stamping services you need for your project applications, call us today at 844.612.6668 or complete our contact form.