How Does Sheet Metal Stamping Work?

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Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing process that is used to alter metal into different shapes. Metal components are necessary for a vast array of applications in myriad industries, which makes metal stamping a very important procedure in our modern world. 

At a base level, sheet metal stamping is fairly simple. A piece of metal is inserted into a stamping press, between two dies (one on the top and one on the bottom). The stamping press pushes the top die down with tremendous force, causing the metal piece to take on the shape of the die. 

The most basic metal stamping procedure is called blanking. Blanking works like this: sheet metal is inserted into the stamping press, and a die is used to cut out a piece in a specific shape. The resulting piece is called a blank.

Piercing is another common sheet metal stamping procedure. Piercing is essentially the inverse of blanking. Dies are used to cut shapes out of a piece of metal, but instead of saving the blanks, the manufacturer uses the original piece of metal, now with holes punched out. 

One of the most complicated metal stamping techniques is drawing. Drawing is used to form deep depressions in a piece of metal. It’s very useful for manufacturing things like cooking equipment, sinks, and even oil pans for vehicles. During the drawing process, technicians use tension to draw the material being formed into a cavity, thus changing its shape. 

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Metal components are necessary in all kinds of industries, ranging from automotive to HVAC, and everything in between. However, forming a piece of metal into the right shape for use in a car engine or an A/C unit can provide a challenge. That’s where sheet metal stamping comes in.

Sheet metal stamping is a manufacturing method that is used to turn sheet metal into metal components with distinct shapes. Sheet metal stamping is a cold-forming process, which means that it doesn’t use heat to shape a piece of metal; instead, it uses extreme force. This process can be used to turn sheet metal into precise two dimensional or three dimensional parts, depending on the specifications.

There are several common metal stamping processes, including:

  • Blanking: This process involves cutting a piece of sheet metal into a rough outline of the finished design. Blanking is an intermediate step in the metal stamping process that helps improve the final outcome.
  • Punching: This is a very basic stamping process that involves punching a hole through a piece of sheet metal using a punch press.
  • Coining: In this process, a die is used to form a piece of sheet metal into a specific shape (rather than cutting pieces out like in the punching process).
  • Bending: The bending process is used to shape flat metal pieces into three dimensional parts.
  • Flanging: This process is used specifically to bend metal parts at a 90° angle

Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing process that is extremely useful for all kinds of applications. At Stone City Products, we have a wide range of sheet metal stamping capabilities. Our cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled team, and extensive experience in the industry allow us to provide top-notch solutions for all of your metal stamping projects.

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Aluminum is a versatile material with a wide array of useful characteristics. As a result, aluminum sheet metal fabrication is a popular (and prudent) choice for all kinds of projects. 


One of the most obvious advantages of aluminum for sheet metal fabrication is its weight. Aluminum is significantly lighter than steel, without being significantly less durable. This makes aluminum excellent for applications where a heavy material could impede the functionality of the finished product. 

Corrosion Resistant

Another advantage of aluminum is that it is naturally corrosion resistant. While other materials, like steel, need to be treated with special finishes to avoid rusting, aluminum does not. Consequently, aluminum sheet metal fabrication is great for outdoor applications where corrosion could become a major concern. 


Aluminum is highly ductile, which means it can be molded into new shapes both easily and well. As a result, aluminum sheet metal fabrication can be used to create a wide variety of parts — including those with particularly challenging design specifications. 


In addition to providing myriad useful properties, aluminum is highly cost-effective. Fabricating aluminum is often a faster, simpler process than fabricating other metals like steel, which means that it is generally cheaper as well. If you need components that are both high-quality and budget-friendly, aluminum may be the right material choice for you. 

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When choosing materials for a project, engineers and designers frequently overlook stainless steel on account of its high initial cost. However, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication actually provides many advantages that far outweigh the negatives.


Stainless steel is an iron alloy. There are over 60 grades, all of which have a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The chromium in stainless steel makes the alloy tough and corrosion resistant. As a result, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is an excellent option for applications that involve harsh environments conducive to corrosion.

Heat Resistance

In addition to being corrosion resistant, stainless steel is highly heat resistant. This property makes stainless steel a smart choice for use in boilers, heat exchangers, and other applications that involve extreme temperatures.

Ease of Fabrication

Stainless steel has a bit of a reputation for being difficult to fabricate, but this is only the case for fabricators with outdated equipment. At Stone City, we can handle stainless steel sheet metal fabrication with ease thanks to our skilled team and top of the line equipment.


Another advantage of stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is that stainless steel is recyclable. In fact, over 50% of stainless steel on the market comes from stainless steel scraps that have been melted down for reuse. This makes stainless steel an attractive choice for organizations looking to diminish their environmental impact.

Low Maintenance, Long Service Life

The high initial cost of stainless steel (as compared to other materials) is offset by the fact that it doesn’t typically require much expensive maintenance, and by the fact that it can last for a long time without needing to be replaced. In the long term, using stainless steel is actually very economical.

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Sheet metal fabrication is a multi-step process that includes several distinct parts. Having a basic understanding of the elements involved in sheet metal fabrication when you begin a project will help you set realistic project requirements and expectations. At Stone City, we offer a comprehensive list of sheet metal fabrication services, and are fully capable of executing your project from start to finish.


Every sheet metal fabrication project begins with the design process. At Stone City, our engineers will work with your design team to create components with high manufacturability that meet all of your specifications. We can help you with concept design, design enhancement, and reverse engineering. We also produce prototypes that can be used to test a design before we begin the actual manufacturing process.

Sheet Metal Stamping

Stamping is a metal fabrication technique that involves forming flat pieces of metal into specific shapes using a die. Stamping is a cold-forming method, which means it doesn’t involve heat; in the stamping process, metal is shaped using sheer force. At Stone City, we offer high quality custom sheet metal stamping services.


Welding is typically one of the final steps in the metal fabrication process, as it involves joining separate metal pieces into a single component. Stone City has a variety of welding capabilities, including resistance welding and robotic welding.

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Custom sheet metal fabrication is an extremely useful service for businesses in a wide variety of industries. While stock sheet metal components are suitable for certain generic applications, they just can’t compete with custom components in terms of longevity, flexibility, and overall value.


One huge benefit of custom sheet metal fabrication is longevity. If your application involves harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or powerful forces, a prefabricated product may not last very long. The same does not hold true for custom sheet metal products, because unlike stock sheet metal products, they are designed with your application in mind.

When creating a custom product, metal fabrication specialists will make sure to choose materials that are suited to withstand the demands of the given application. Consequently, custom sheet metal components tend to have longer service lives than generic alternatives.


Another benefit of custom sheet metal fabrication is flexibility. If you need a very specific metal component — perhaps for a specialized machine or an older piece of equipment that is no longer manufactured — you may not be able to find a standardized product that meets your requirements. Custom sheet metal fabrication makes it possible to acquire components that meet your exact specifications.

Overall Value

Perhaps the most important benefit of custom sheet metal fabrication is that it allows you to get exactly what you want. Don’t settle for a prefabricated product that meets only some of your standards. Partner with a metal fabrication specialist capable of creating a custom product that caters to your specific needs.

At Stone City, we provide exceptional custom sheet metal fabrication for a vast array of industries. To learn more about our custom sheet metal fabrication services, contact us today. Call (800) 960-3373, or send an email to

Sheet metal stamping is an essential part of many manufacturing operations. It is also highly technical, and requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and equipment to be carried out properly. While in-house sheet metal stamping may seem like a convenient way to get parts made, outsourcing to a sheet metal stamping company is more cost-effective in the long run, and will get you better results.

Metal Stamping Services

Outsource to Reduce Overhead Costs

On the surface, in-house sheet metal stamping might sound like a cheaper alternative to outsourcing, as it doesn’t involve paying an outside company. However, it is usually far more expensive than outsourcing, as it requires a company to invest in two things: labor and equipment.

Sheet metal stamping is a specialized skill. You can’t just have any random employee head up an in-house stamping operation. You will need to hire new employees with training and experience in sheet metal stamping. Labor is not cheap, and creating new positions to handle in-house metal stamping is sure to take a toll on your budget.

Sheet metal stamping also requires specialized equipment. Such equipment can be very expensive, and may not be a sensible investment for a company whose core competency is not metal stamping. Metal stamping companies, on the other hand, are able to continually invest in new technology, and keep their operations cutting-edge.

Outsource for Better Results

In addition to being more cost-effective in the long run, outsourcing sheet metal stamping services will likely result in a higher-quality end product. Companies that specialize in sheet metal stamping, like Stone City, are staffed by highly trained professionals with extensive metal stamping expertise, and have access to the best equipment on the market.

Because sheet metal stamping is one of Stone City’s core competencies, we have the skills and resources needed to achieve superior metal stamping results every time.

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Metal fabrication is not a new invention. It’s not even a recent invention. Humans have been experimenting with metal fabrication since the Bronze Age, which began over five thousand years ago. However, the metal fabricating of today bears little resemblance to the metal fabricating of our prehistoric ancestors

We have advanced far beyond hammering away at a piece of bronze until it forms a crude tool. Now, we have precision metal fabricating, which allows for a level of accuracy that would have been impossible to achieve even just one hundred years ago.

In the last half century, technological advancements such as CNC (computer numerical control) and CAD (computer aided design) have made precision metal fabricating faster, easier, more exact, and less expensive than it has ever been before. This is fortunate, because as technology continues to progress in every way, the demand for accurate metal fabrication continues to increase.

Precision metal fabricating is used for a variety of applications where accuracy is of the utmost importance, including applications in the aerospace, mining, and medical industries.

In the aerospace industry, precision metal fabricating is used to make a wide range of aircraft parts. Of course, it is imperative that these parts are made as accurately as possible, as the consequences of a malfunctioning aircraft could be catastrophic. Accurate metal fabrication plays a vital role in making air travel both safe and possible.

Precision metal fabricating also plays a role in the mining industry. Mining equipment needs to be able to operate under extreme conditions, so it needs to be made with exacting standards. High quality metal fabrication is accurate enough to do the job.

Additionally, the medical industry relies on precision metal fabricating for medical device production. Accuracy in the production of medical devices is crucial, since a properly working medical device could mean the difference between life and death.

Accurate metal fabrication is necessary for all kinds of applications in the modern world. If you are in need of precision metal fabricating services for such an application, look no further than Stone City and our experienced metal fabricating team. For more information, call us today at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to

If you have ever been in charge of sourcing sheet metal fabrication services for a particular project, you know that it can be a challenging task. There are many things to consider when trying to choose the right sheet metal fabrication vendor. Before you commit to hiring a vendor, ask yourself these three simple questions:
⦁ Does this company have relevant experience with projects like mine?
⦁ What resources and equipment does this company have available?
⦁ Can this company provide the results I need while working within my budget?


Company experience is one of the most important things to investigate when seeking out sheet metal fabrication services. Not all metal fabrication vendors are capable of handling every type of project, and some specialize in particular niches. Sheet metal fabrication companies that have experience working in your industry, or on projects similar to yours will likely be best equipped to meet your needs. At Stone City, we have experience in a vast array of industries, including the automotive industry, the appliance industry, the HVAC industry, and many more.

Resources and Materials

Before choosing a company to provide sheet metal fabrication services, be sure to find out what kind of equipment they use. A company that uses high-quality equipment will be more likely to produce high-quality results. You will also want to find out what kinds of materials they are able to work with, and ensure that they offer what you need. At Stone City, we work with a wide variety of materials. If you want components made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, or even carbon, we’ve got you covered.


No matter the project, budget must always be a consideration. It is essential to find a sheet metal fabrication vendor that is able to work within your budget, or everything will be for naught. At Stone City, we offer cost effective services with excellent results.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a sheet metal fabrication vendor. Fortunately, Stone City is here to make your choice a little easier by offering extensive experience, a wide range of resources and materials, and budget friendly prices. To learn more about our sheet metal fabrication services, give us a call at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to

Metal stamping plays an integral role in a wide variety of industries. Consequently, anyone in charge of a manufacturing operation has a good chance of requiring the services of a metal stamping company at some point in time. If you are one of these people, there are a few things you should consider when looking for a metal stamping company.

Industry Experience

When hiring a metal stamping company, it is a good idea to choose one that has experience working in your industry if you are able. As previously stated, metal stamping is used in a wide variety of industries. As a result, many metal stamping companies tend to specialize in certain areas, and are better equipped to serve some industries than others.

Even metal stamping companies that are capable of handling a wide range of projects for all kinds of industries may have areas in which they are particularly skilled. For example, we at Stone City Products are qualified to work on a huge variety of metal stamping projects, but we are especially experienced in serving the automotive, HVAC, and appliance industries. Find a metal stamping company that is well-equipped to work within your particular industry.

Services Offered

Some metal stamping companies offer more services than others. Hiring the right company will allow you to simplify and streamline your project. Stone City Products is a one-stop metal stamping shop, capable of handling every part of your project, from design all the way to distribution. Don’t settle for a metal stamping company that doesn’t offer high-quality secondary services.

Price Point

Find a metal stamping company that is committed to providing cost-effective services. Metal stamping can be done in a way that is economical without sacrificing quality. At Stone City Products, we are very conscious of keeping our costs down so that we can provide our customers with excellent service at an affordable price.

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