Why Should You Outsource Metal Stamping Services?

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Sheet metal stamping is an essential part of many manufacturing operations. It is also highly technical, and requires a great deal of specialized knowledge and equipment to be carried out properly. While in-house sheet metal stamping may seem like a convenient way to get parts made, outsourcing to a sheet metal stamping company is more cost-effective in the long run, and will get you better results.

Outsource to Reduce Overhead Costs

On the surface, in-house sheet metal stamping might sound like a cheaper alternative to outsourcing, as it doesn’t involve paying an outside company. However, it is usually far more expensive than outsourcing, as it requires a company to invest in two things: labor and equipment.

Sheet metal stamping is a specialized skill. You can’t just have any random employee head up an in-house stamping operation. You will need to hire new employees with training and experience in sheet metal stamping. Labor is not cheap, and creating new positions to handle in-house metal stamping is sure to take a toll on your budget.

Sheet metal stamping also requires specialized equipment. Such equipment can be very expensive, and may not be a sensible investment for a company whose core competency is not metal stamping. Metal stamping companies, on the other hand, are able to continually invest in new technology, and keep their operations cutting-edge.

Outsource for Better Results
In addition to being more cost-effective in the long run, outsourcing sheet metal stamping services will likely result in a higher-quality end product. Companies that specialize in sheet metal stamping, like Stone City, are staffed by highly trained professionals with extensive metal stamping expertise, and have access to the best equipment on the market.

Because sheet metal stamping is one of Stone City’s core competencies, we have the skills and resources needed to achieve superior metal stamping results every time.

If you are interested in partnering with Stone City, or would like to learn more about our sheet metal stamping services, call us at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to info@stonecityproducts.com.

Metal fabrication is not a new invention. It’s not even a recent invention. Humans have been experimenting with metal fabrication since the Bronze Age, which began over five thousand years ago. However, the metal fabricating of today bears little resemblance to the metal fabricating of our prehistoric ancestors

We have advanced far beyond hammering away at a piece of bronze until it forms a crude tool. Now, we have precision metal fabricating, which allows for a level of accuracy that would have been impossible to achieve even just one hundred years ago.

In the last half century, technological advancements such as CNC (computer numerical control) and CAD (computer aided design) have made precision metal fabricating faster, easier, more exact, and less expensive than it has ever been before. This is fortunate, because as technology continues to progress in every way, the demand for accurate metal fabrication continues to increase.

Precision metal fabricating is used for a variety of applications where accuracy is of the utmost importance, including applications in the aerospace, mining, and medical industries.

In the aerospace industry, precision metal fabricating is used to make a wide range of aircraft parts. Of course, it is imperative that these parts are made as accurately as possible, as the consequences of a malfunctioning aircraft could be catastrophic. Accurate metal fabrication plays a vital role in making air travel both safe and possible.

Precision metal fabricating also plays a role in the mining industry. Mining equipment needs to be able to operate under extreme conditions, so it needs to be made with exacting standards. High quality metal fabrication is accurate enough to do the job.

Additionally, the medical industry relies on precision metal fabricating for medical device production. Accuracy in the production of medical devices is crucial, since a properly working medical device could mean the difference between life and death.

Accurate metal fabrication is necessary for all kinds of applications in the modern world. If you are in need of precision metal fabricating services for such an application, look no further than Stone City and our experienced metal fabricating team. For more information, call us today at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to info@stonecityproducts.com.

If you have ever been in charge of sourcing sheet metal fabrication services for a particular project, you know that it can be a challenging task. There are many things to consider when trying to choose the right sheet metal fabrication vendor. Before you commit to hiring a vendor, ask yourself these three simple questions:
⦁ Does this company have relevant experience with projects like mine?
⦁ What resources and equipment does this company have available?
⦁ Can this company provide the results I need while working within my budget?


Company experience is one of the most important things to investigate when seeking out sheet metal fabrication services. Not all metal fabrication vendors are capable of handling every type of project, and some specialize in particular niches. Sheet metal fabrication companies that have experience working in your industry, or on projects similar to yours will likely be best equipped to meet your needs. At Stone City, we have experience in a vast array of industries, including the automotive industry, the appliance industry, the HVAC industry, and many more.

Resources and Materials

Before choosing a company to provide sheet metal fabrication services, be sure to find out what kind of equipment they use. A company that uses high-quality equipment will be more likely to produce high-quality results. You will also want to find out what kinds of materials they are able to work with, and ensure that they offer what you need. At Stone City, we work with a wide variety of materials. If you want components made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, or even carbon, we’ve got you covered.


No matter the project, budget must always be a consideration. It is essential to find a sheet metal fabrication vendor that is able to work within your budget, or everything will be for naught. At Stone City, we offer cost effective services with excellent results.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a sheet metal fabrication vendor. Fortunately, Stone City is here to make your choice a little easier by offering extensive experience, a wide range of resources and materials, and budget friendly prices. To learn more about our sheet metal fabrication services, give us a call at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to info@stonecityproducts.com.

Metal stamping plays an integral role in a wide variety of industries. Consequently, anyone in charge of a manufacturing operation has a good chance of requiring the services of a metal stamping company at some point in time. If you are one of these people, there are a few things you should consider when looking for a metal stamping company.

Industry Experience

When hiring a metal stamping company, it is a good idea to choose one that has experience working in your industry if you are able. As previously stated, metal stamping is used in a wide variety of industries. As a result, many metal stamping companies tend to specialize in certain areas, and are better equipped to serve some industries than others.

Even metal stamping companies that are capable of handling a wide range of projects for all kinds of industries may have areas in which they are particularly skilled. For example, we at Stone City Products are qualified to work on a huge variety of metal stamping projects, but we are especially experienced in serving the automotive, HVAC, and appliance industries. Find a metal stamping company that is well-equipped to work within your particular industry.

Services Offered

Some metal stamping companies offer more services than others. Hiring the right company will allow you to simplify and streamline your project. Stone City Products is a one-stop metal stamping shop, capable of handling every part of your project, from design all the way to distribution. Don’t settle for a metal stamping company that doesn’t offer high-quality secondary services.

Price Point

Find a metal stamping company that is committed to providing cost-effective services. Metal stamping can be done in a way that is economical without sacrificing quality. At Stone City Products, we are very conscious of keeping our costs down so that we can provide our customers with excellent service at an affordable price.

If you would like to learn more about our metal stamping services, give us a call at 800-960-3373 or email info@stonecityproducts.com. We look forward to helping you with your next metal stamping project.

Automotive metal stamping is a process that allows for the production of precise parts with tight tolerances. It is efficient, cost effective, and can be used for myriad applications. As a result, metal stamping is becoming increasingly important to the automotive industry as a whole.

What is Metal Stamping?
Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which sheets of metal are pressed into specific forms using specialized dies. At Stone City, we are capable of fabricating a wide variety of metals, including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and brass. Our ability to work with many different materials makes us very effective in the automotive metal stamping sector, as different metals are best suited for different automotive applications.

The Benefits of Automotive Metal Stamping

There are several reasons for the rise of metal stamping in the automotive industry. One of these reasons is that using metal stamping to manufacture auto parts is cost effective. Metal stamping dies are relatively inexpensive to create and are easy to keep in good repair. Once a die is created, it can be used to quickly produce a high volume of the part in question at a low cost.

Another benefit of the automotive metal stamping process is that it is remarkably precise. Because it relies heavily on machines, the risk of human error is low. Automotive parts produced using the metal stamping process are unlikely to be inconsistent. Reliable uniformity is extremely important in the manufacturing of automotive parts.

Our Experience

At Stone City, we have a lot of experience with automotive metal stamping. Our skills, knowledge, and high-caliber equipment have allowed us to successfully complete many different automotive metal stamping projects over the years. We have the capacity to fill large orders quickly, the flexibility to work with a wide range of different metals, and the ability to create customized stamping solutions to fit your specific needs.

If you would like to learn more about our automotive metal stamping services, contact us at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to info@stonecityproducts.com.

At Stone City, we provide sheet metal stamping services for all kinds of industries. One industry in which we play a particularly important role is the appliance industry.

The appliance industry is vast and varied, and each of the many products it creates requires a unique set of highly specific metal components. Thanks to our many years of sheet metal stamping experience, we are more than equipped to create these components.

Refrigerators, microwaves, clothes washer and dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners are just a few examples of appliances that Stone City has a hand in producing. Each of these machines utilize some very complex metal components that require skill and precision to create.

With our state of the art equipment and seven decades of experience in sheet metal stamping, we at Stone City are capable of producing complex metal components of all sizes, shapes, and functions. Whether you need clamps, covers, sleeves, washers, plates, brackets, inserts, or heat sinks for your appliance applications, we have you covered.

At Stone City, we know the ins and outs of sheet metal stamping. No matter how complicated or specific the metal component required for an appliance happens to be, our highly skilled workforce can handle the challenge. We have the tools, skills, and resources we need to create exceptional metal parts with absolute precision.

The appliance industry could not be what it is without companies like us to provide them with all of the distinct metal pieces they need to create each of the many types of appliances that can be found in commercial and residential kitchens across the world.

If you are involved in appliance manufacturing, and are looking to partner with a company that can help you create the metal components you need, give us a call at (800) 960-3373, or send an email to info@stonecityproducts.com to learn more about our sheet metal stamping services. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is your company taking on a new custom sheet metal fabrication project? If so, it is likely you are facing a variety of challenges and critical planning steps in order to carry out the project smoothly. Before you write out your project budgets, make sure you fully understand the various custom sheet metal fabrication techniques, and how to best align every step of the process for maximum efficiency, timeliness and cost effectiveness. At Stone City Products, we offer an assortment of sheet metal fabrication services for various industries. Here are some of the top things to consider before selecting your steel, copper, brass or aluminum sheet metal fabrication services:

Costs for Manufacturing

Custom sheet metal fabrication is a multifaceted manufacturing discipline, with a variety of potential costs. Oftentimes, the run volume of your project will determine your cost of tooling—one of the biggest hurdles to overcome with custom sheet metal fabrication services. Any time the shop has to perform partial tooling services, you can further tie yourself up in additional costs, and exceed your timeline and budget. When combined with the cost of transportation, logistics and assembly, it is clear to see why sourcing precision sheet metal fabrication services with custom capabilities can help you minimize any potential waste.

Part Design

Working with a team of designers, a proper sheet metal fabrication company like Stone City Products will be able to streamline your existing design to achieve the same high levels of functionality, while simplifying the product profile and complexity. This could mean limiting the number of bends, punches and holes needed in the design—all intended to minimize the amount of steps and machinery needed in the metal fabrication process, and limit the need for extra or partial tooling at the end of production.

Material Selection

One of the more obvious places where cost can differ, there are a variety of metal materials to select from, in order to achieve the best possible result for your part or equipment. For example, steel is strong, affordable and has great longevity. It is also very easy to fabricate into your unique part or component. When selecting materials, it is best to find a metal with the best combination of strength, lightweight design and durability for many years of use.

Fabrication Process

To maximize your production capabilities, it is always best to choose the fabrication method that will yield the greatest number of units within a given amount of material. When comparing some methods to others, it is possible that you can achieve the same results, but with more or less manufacturing waste. Added manufacturing waste like this translates to added costs, more production runs and delays on your project timeline.

Are you looking for a manufacturing partner to start your custom sheet metal fabrication project with? Look no further than the experts at Stone City Products. We are proud to offer various metal fabrication services, including sheet metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, welding and precision machining. Give us a call today at 800-960-3373, or request a free quote today!

Sourced in blank or coil form, flat sheet metal is an exceptionally versatile medium for creating custom shapes, designs and fits for metal equipment and parts. Industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, consumer electronics and more all rely on precision, custom sheet metal fabrication to produce their unique products. Multiple custom created dies may be necessary to achieve certain design details and measurement tolerances, but ultimately, precision sheet metal fabrication allows manufacturers to produce a repeatedly superior product at an exceptionally quick rate. Stone City Products is a specialized provider of precision sheet metal fabrication services, working for customers in the above industries and beyond.

Versatility is key when performing metal fabrication services. A proper sheet metal stamping and fabrication company will bring the same levels of precision and quality to a single-stage process as they do for articulating a complex design. Consistency and being adapt to changes in the fabrication process are both key for producing a quality, custom solution for the customer.

Cost-effective, efficient and trusted by many industry leaders, sheet metal stamping is a great option for producing the specialized parts unique to your product or equipment needs. Automotive frames, HVAC systems, aerospace components and consumer electronics are just a few of the examples of where sheet metal stamping is used. The array of industries it serves proves how universally applicable the entire process is for product manufacturing.

Eliminate your second-guessing by outsourcing your project needs with Lincoln Suppliers. We are proud to offer precision sheet metal fabrication services, with advanced custom capabilities. Give us a call today at 800-960-3373, or visit our website to request a free quote.

If you are an OEM engineer looking for a dependable partner for your precision sheet metal fabrication needs, quality, reliability and on-time delivery are more than likely at the top of your list. With many manufacturing partners swamped with higher than normal order volumes and backed up delivery dates, having advanced planning for your design, prototype, production and delivery process is essential. At Stone City Products, we are one of the top metal fabrication and metal stamping companies offering custom sheet metal stamping, aluminum sheet metal fabrication and more.

Stone City Products is proud to be an ISO 9001 certified supplier of precision metal stampings for metal building industries, HVAC components and Japanese automotive manufacturers. By utilizing our Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques, we are able to easily monitor and improve quality control, optimize efficiency, reduce set-up time, enhance safety and shorten lead times for our customers. The end result is a product produced according to exceptional quality and on-time delivery standards.

In order to achieve the precision sheet metal fabrication standards our customers expect, Stone City Products implements a system of workplace organization and visual management, time analysis for product cycles, continuous value stream analysis and waste elimination practices. Many of our production processes are watched closely using SPC technology, ensuring any unwanted variations are corrected before approaching tolerance limits. We also perform quality assurance testing using a Coordinate Measuring Machine, as well as attribute gauging.

Take the stress out of your next project by trusting the experts at Stone City Products. We are one of the top metal fabrication and metal stamping companies, dedicated to providing custom sheet metal stamping and other precision metal stamping and fabrication services for your business. Call us today at 800-960-3373, or visit our website to request a free quote.

As technology progresses, and designs continue to gain complexities, precision sheet metal fabrication services become significantly more difficult to perform by hand. For the modern engineer, CNC machining has become the trusted tool to fabricate complex shapes with repeated precision and high tolerances. At Stone City Products, we specialize in precision metal fabricating, and offer our CNC machining services to a range of industry sectors and services, including HVAC, automotive, appliances, electrical distribution and more. We are an ISO-9001 registered company, with a staff dedicated to quality design, manufacturing and assembly.

Through the use of CNC machining, we are able to not only provide precision measurement tolerances, but also achieve production at high levels of supply chain efficiency. Elimination of errors, fast production rates and fast delivery are just some of the advantages of choosing our services. Streamline your entire production process with us, and we will be able to provide milling, threading, drilling and turning services to help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

Interested in finding out more? Our staff of industry professionals can take you through the process step-by-step, helping you fully understand how the costs, timeline, and fabrication process is all laid out. With a large in-house manufacturing facility and computerized machining operations, we are able to produce multiple components simultaneously, helping move the project along faster than most. Call us today at 844.612.6668 or complete our contact form to request a free quote. We will be happy to help you achieve your precision metal fabrication needs.