Advantages of Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

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When choosing materials for a project, engineers and designers frequently overlook stainless steel on account of its high initial cost. However, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication actually provides many advantages that far outweigh the negatives.


Stainless steel is an iron alloy. There are over 60 grades, all of which have a minimum of 10.5% chromium. The chromium in stainless steel makes the alloy tough and corrosion resistant. As a result, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is an excellent option for applications that involve harsh environments conducive to corrosion.

Heat Resistance

In addition to being corrosion resistant, stainless steel is highly heat resistant. This property makes stainless steel a smart choice for use in boilers, heat exchangers, and other applications that involve extreme temperatures.

Ease of Fabrication

Stainless steel has a bit of a reputation for being difficult to fabricate, but this is only the case for fabricators with outdated equipment. At Stone City, we can handle stainless steel sheet metal fabrication with ease thanks to our skilled team and top of the line equipment.


Another advantage of stainless steel sheet metal fabrication is that stainless steel is recyclable. In fact, over 50% of stainless steel on the market comes from stainless steel scraps that have been melted down for reuse. This makes stainless steel an attractive choice for organizations looking to diminish their environmental impact.

Low Maintenance, Long Service Life

The high initial cost of stainless steel (as compared to other materials) is offset by the fact that it doesn’t typically require much expensive maintenance, and by the fact that it can last for a long time without needing to be replaced. In the long term, using stainless steel is actually very economical.

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Sheet metal fabrication is a multi-step process that includes several distinct parts. Having a basic understanding of the elements involved in sheet metal fabrication when you begin a project will help you set realistic project requirements and expectations. At Stone City, we offer a comprehensive list of sheet metal fabrication services, and are fully capable of executing your project from start to finish.


Every sheet metal fabrication project begins with the design process. At Stone City, our engineers will work with your design team to create components with high manufacturability that meet all of your specifications. We can help you with concept design, design enhancement, and reverse engineering. We also produce prototypes that can be used to test a design before we begin the actual manufacturing process.

Sheet Metal Stamping

Stamping is a metal fabrication technique that involves forming flat pieces of metal into specific shapes using a die. Stamping is a cold-forming method, which means it doesn’t involve heat; in the stamping process, metal is shaped using sheer force. At Stone City, we offer high quality custom sheet metal stamping services.


Welding is typically one of the final steps in the metal fabrication process, as it involves joining separate metal pieces into a single component. Stone City has a variety of welding capabilities, including resistance welding and robotic welding.

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