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Got an idea for a custom piece of equipment, component, or other part for your operations? Custom sheet metal fabrication services can help you meet your specific requirements as efficiently as possible. A trusted metal fabrication partner like Stone City Products can help assist you from design, to prototype manufacturing and production runs. We offer our clients custom aluminum sheet metal fabrication and stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, along with custom sheet metal stamping, precision machining and value added assembly. Celebrating 75 years in business, we have an experienced staff of professionals that will fully listen and understand your needs, then formulate the best possible fabrication solution.

If you are wishing to repair a piece of equipment with outdated parts, or need sizing not within the stock parameters, custom sheet metal fabrication is a great solution. Most often involving welding, machining, cutting and assembly services, custom sheet metal fabrication services help businesses save time and money. By streamlining your supply chain efficiency through Stone City Products’ vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, your business will be able to take any design, and make it easy to manufacture at an affordable cost.

At Stone City Products, we offer robust metal fabrication services designed to help businesses tackle any project. We have an array of metal fabrication services, including custom sheet metal stamping, custom sheet metal fabrication and more. Call us today at 844 612 6668, or visit our website to request a free quote.