How to Stamp Sheet Metal Parts

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The process of sheet metal stamping takes pieces of coiled or blank sheet metal and creates three-dimensional part shapes from them. In this process, the blank or coiled sheet is placed into a stamping press, in which the die (or stamping tool) in the shape of the part desired is pressed into and through the material to form the part.

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Operations Within Sheet Metal Stamping

The process of custom sheet metal stamping consists of several different operations. These include punching, blanking, drawing, bending, embossing, among others. CAD/CAM tools are used to deliver precise, complex parts. Sheet metal stamping is an efficient, fast method of creating high quality, durable components for various industries, such as aerospace, lighting, electronics, metal, hardware, and others.

Mechanical or Hydraulic Press Function

When the hydraulic or mechanical press is activated in a sheet metal stamping operation, the flat sheet metal positioned between the die forms into the desired shape. This provides a solution which enables the production of large quantities of metal components at an affordable price and at a high level of precision.

Customized Precision Metal Stamping Dies

Stamping dies are custom-made and used along with a stamping press to form cut sheet metal into specific desired shapes. Often, a stamping tool is manufactured for a specific application or project. They are generally made from tool steel which has a level of hardness necessary to cut other types of metal while retaining the necessary tolerances required by the stamped part.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping for Multiple Industries

Our team at Stone City Products is able to serve various industries with sheet metal stamping solutions, including construction, appliance, HVAC, and automotive. Through our resources and experience, we can work with you to deliver the stamped sheet metal parts you need for your applications.

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