An Overview of Sheet Metal Stamping

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Perhaps one of the most often overlooked and forgotten about processes for creating precision formed parts and components is sheet metal stamping. At Stone City Products, we have provided precision stamped parts for industries for over six decades. During this time, we have kept on top of all the technology, and the cutting-edge advances in this highly cost-effective method of producing parts and components.
To help our customers understand how sheet metal stamping will address their part and component fabrication requirements, understanding the basic process can be helpful. Keep in mind, our designers and engineers can start working with your in-house design team early in the processes, allowing for efficiency in the design which leads to faster production and lower time to market or new parts and components.

Sheet Metal

While aluminum is the most common material used in the stamping process, it can be completed with all types of metallic alloys in sheet form. This even includes the superalloys of the Inconel family, which are often used in the aerospace industry and for extreme environment types of systems.
Sheet metal, while very durable and strong, can be shaped using extremely high amounts of pressure. Unlike other types of fabrication and forming options, stamping is completed at room temperature, so there is no additional heating or stress relieving needed after the heating process.

The Process

Using controlled pressure, a ram is used to press down in the sheet metal. A die (creating the outside shape) and a punch (creating the inside shape) creates a blank, or the shape punched through the die.
This can be done in a single stage and can create a shape before or after blanking. There is also the option for a progressive blanking press, which shapes the sheet metal through several progressive dies. The final blanking process creates the end shape through the sheet metal stamping and blanking process.
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