How To Choose The Best Metal Stamping Manufacturers

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Metal stamping allows for the creation of simple to complex patterns through the use of stamping equipment. This is completed on flat metal plates or sheets that can provide shaping as well as perforations in the metal.


Lower in cost than other types of fabrication, including extrusion or machining and forming, metal stamping is often the best choice for large volume production runs of suitable types of materials. It can also be used for both small parts and components or those that are much larger or more complex in shape and form.


To choose the best metal stamping manufacturers for any job, there are several factors to keep in mind. The first thought may be to take a look at a quoted price for a project, but this is really the last factor to consider after verifying company reputation, capacity, and experience.


Company Reputation

It shouldn’t be difficult to get a good idea of the reputation of the various metal stamping manufacturers under consideration. In general, most Original Equipment Manufacturers will choose a stamping company close to major transportation routes as well as their business to decrease supply chain issues and make logistics easier to manage.


Verify the on-time delivery of orders for the company and also verify the company is ISO 9001 registered and look for businesses that are members of PMA (Precision Metalforming Association).


Industry Experience

In addition to the business reputation, check that the metal stamping manufacturers under consideration have experience in your industry. Many of the top manufacturers have years of experience in providing parts to the automotive, aerospace, HVAC, metal building construction materials and in designing and providing specialized parts and components across these industries.


Capacity for Production

The capacity for production includes both the lead time on orders as well as the type of equipment used. Modern facilities use state-of-the-art precision equipment that can complete projects to exacting specification and tight tolerances not possible with older equipment and systems.